Joni Hilton is currently a contributor to, "the leading platform for home remodeling and design." Click below to read those articles:

"8 Nooks and Crannies That Can Wow"
"Tap Into Stud Space for More Wall Storage"
"Get a Grip on Kitchen Cabinets with the Right Knobs and Pulls"

​Hilton also has written dozens of articles for such magazines as Woman's Day, Family Circle, The Saturday Evening post, Better Homes and Gardens, Child, Parents, Family Fun, Bride's, and many others.

​She is a contributing writer for "Music and the Spoken Word"

​Her column for Meridian Magazine is available in the archives at

​She has written seven screenplays, all registered with the Writers Guild of America, west, including:

"Miracle Man" the story of a scientist who uses suicidal men in an experiment that surprises everyone. it isn't the scientific breakthrough that takes a group of losers and makes them feel like champions; it's the mild-mannered scientist whose heart of gold renews their faith in living.

"Stones of Bacal" in a sweeping adventure-romance, we juxtapose present-day drama with an ancient Mayan culture. Gripping, suspenseful-- this story is filled with greed, revenge, power, and passion. it also shows how true love conquers all, and how fittingly the scales balance, and final justice always awaits.

She partners with her husband, TV personality and producer, Bob Hilton, on eight available reality shows, all registered with the Writers Guild of America, west.


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